The Golden Girls. Four wonderful women whom encompass what it is to be an independent woman while navigating the every changing dilemmas of the world. They were able to overcome obstacles through their friendship and self-care, even when they faltered. The Golden Girls have been apart of my life since I was as young I could remember. Around the Cheesecake is a way to incorporate making time for self-care, friendship and obstacles that have been overcome by women, all while, showing a love and appreciation for a show that has helped to fosters and create these ideas for so many other women.

My goal is to bring helpful, affordable and fun ways to meet daily self-care goals and promote ways to build or foster new or current friendships. I will journey with you while incorporating my love for the Golden Girls into this blog. Our podcast will take us all on a journey to try delectable cheesecakes while hearing stories from strong women who have overcome struggles within their lives and learning how to love themselves again.