Self-care. A term used often to encourage a person to take care of their mental, emotional and physical health daily. How often in this busy life are you actually able to actively enjoy any self care that brings you pleasure? How often do you get so busy throughout your day that you forget to do the things that are important? How often do you say, “but this is a bad time”?

Personally, I get so busy I tend to forget to eat. I take care of my daughter, I work 2 jobs, manage a business, manage the household, when is there any time? It is often at the end of each day or in the morning when I first wake up, I am left with the feeling of “what about me”?

I am not saying that it is not important to support your friends, family and other things that are in your life. But is it a healthy life to neglect yourself in order to support everything else in your life? It is not because here is the secret that seems to be hidden from most people, you are important too! At some point, you have to choose yourself because at the end of the day, you are left with yourself and your feelings. YOU ARE IMPORTANT!

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