Love is not the things that you do for someone but the things that you say. Love is not the words that you say to a person but the things that you do. If they loved you, nothing would stop them from finding time for you. People find time for things that are important to them. Love, importance, the need to be accepted by another person. All these says, all these memes, they give everyone a false sense of what love and friendship is supposed to be. Its supposed to be this perfect mix of acceptance, of understanding, of a life that has nothing that gets in the way. It is all about the falsehood of what its “supposed to be”. Its not the person that is working two jobs to make ends meet and is exhausted at the end of the day. Its not the person struggling with depression and is unable to pick up the phone even for a simple hey. So much in life we get wrapped up in what we want others to do for us but don’t find out the things that we should be doing for ourselves. I am not saying it is not important to build and foster healthy relationships. They can lead to some of the most amazing experiences in your life. What I am saying is, do you think about you? Do you think about the words that come out of your mouth when discussing your feelings or even events with another person. Are you aware of the impact of even the words that do not seem significant to you but may be to someone else. So often we expect others to solve the problems but do not see how we are also affecting the situation. Reach out to those you love often without judgement, resentment, malicious intent. Love and friendship is not about making a person “wish” they could meet your standards. Its not about making a person jealous of the time they aren’t in your presence. Relationships are about the bonds we make with others in order to help us get through this life. We depend so much on others for our livelihood and life, what is so important about making other people feel so small? Why do we have this innate need to make people feel like they need to be in our lives but not that they are important in ours? This is not how love and friendship should be. Everyone has to try, everyone has to put in the effort and everyone has to realize that each person is important.

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