We live in a place that we expect other people to bring to us what we give out. We expect others to know exactly what we want, when we want them and how to get there to do it. We want others to give us a 100%, even when we ourselves don’t give a 100%. But I think deep down, what we all really want, is someone who puts us first. Someone who does not only look out for their own wellbeing but wants to ensure that you are ok as well. We all want someone to take care of us. Someone to go out of their way to spend time with us. Someone to call us because they wanted to check in. Someone who enjoys spending time with you even when you are at your worst. Someone who makes the happier times, even happier. We all just want someone to be a partner in our life, a crutch that helps get us through. Someone who thinks to include you in their life even during the most mundane tasks.

This I don’t believe has to be solely one person. Each person in our lives bring us something different. This could be a friend, a loved one, a parent or anyone of significance in your life. Expect, how are we supposed to accept this kind of love, support and compassion, when what are we giving out to the world? How are others expected to love us in such a way, when you are unable to accept it from them without believing there are some sort of ulterior motives, that what ever is happening is going to end? How are we supposed to accept all this kindness when we can’t even be kind to ourselves? How are we expecting others to treat us this way when we aren’t treating others the same?

We must start being more open with ourselves and others. We need to start letting people in, telling them our expectations but still loving them and accepting them for what they are able to bring not us. We need to stop expecting people to bring us salvation, stop expecting people to make us the only priority. That is not life. That is not relationships and these expectations can ruin all the good things you have created. The people in our lives are unique and one of a kind, we need to stop trying to change others and accept what they have to offer, all while being upfront with expectations. People are not mind readers, you have to remember, how will they know what you are expecting if you have never told them or thanked them for what they are doing?

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  1. Sometimes telling ppl what you want tend to backfire nowadays. … too many ppl closed minded or judgemental. I agree with the blog though…

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