Hurt. In life it seems to come so naturally. One minute everything seems to be working out, then within a second, it is like you are in a fiery pit of sadness and despair. It feels like every part of your being is being pulled apart and you no longer have the glue to hold it together. Each day, it seems to get rougher and rougher. The things you once enjoyed no longer bringing you pleasure. The people you once spoke to, the conversation no longer brings joy. Friends and family become distant because you cannot seem to break out of the habit of self-despair and loathing. This is a breaking point in everyone’s life. These are the moments in our lives that when you hear “the people that are truly supposed to be in your life will be there” actually comes true. I used to think that it was all just a bunch of bull. That everyone goes through their own things and that its not up to us to put more on their plate. But that is just not true. I am not trying to say that it becomes a one-way street. That people should be expected to give into all of your needs and whims because you are going through something that has a significant impact on your life. But those people in your life, the ones that truly want to be apart of it, will know the difference between you needing a little extra for a certain amount of time versus it being a one-way street. They aren’t going to judge you for struggling. They will not make you choose between them and your feelings. They will sit with and just be if that’s what you need or cry with you if that’s what you need. This is what friendship looks like when one of the friends is going through something. Compassion, caring, understanding and most of all, no judgement. Friendships and relationships with others are what gets us through. Just make sure you what you expect from someone else is what you are giving to others. You don’t want to be the reason someone else is hurting.

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