It will get better. Someone recently told me this is my motto, looking at the things I say, I must agree that it is. Everything in life is temporary and not to sound to morbid, so is life. Temporary. That is a scary thought when you really sit back and think about it. Repeat after me: EVERYTHING IS TEMPORARY. As I begin to look at life from this point of view, I feel like I should fear the unknown. Of what is going to happen around the next corner because at any minute something in this life could change. But as each day goes by, I realize, it will get better and I begin to accept the fact that life is constantly changing. I am starting to embrace it like a second skin. The more I pushed and pushed to try to escape the change, the harder I was taking the inevitable. This newfound acceptance is a relief. A relief that I do not feel like I must constantly worry about the next step. I do not have to constantly worry that all my decisions will lead to a failure. Even if they do lead to failures, those failures will help to learn, grow and move me towards something better within this life that I am living. So, as I continually tell those around me when I describe my life, it will get better. Remember that each day; remember when the bad comes but embrace the good when that comes. Because the negative is only a temporary setback towards the life that you want to live. If you do not have the negative, the hurt, the pain, how would you ever be able to fully accept the wonderful goodness that life can be.

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