The first time I watched the Golden Girls, I was about ten years old. My sister, brother and I were on vacation (parents were there too), staying in a random hotel room in the state we just happened to be in. I remember it was late, nothing other than infomercials seemed to be on, so we watched. This became the tradition over the years during our travels. Finding comfort in the beauty of the show while staying in unknown places.
As I got older, I really started appreciating the show more. My best friend in high school used to call each otter to sing the theme song when it would play on the television. I started connecting with these woman as I slowly learned myself what they were trying to say all this time. As I started to experience my first heartbreak, my first big blow to the world I was living in, to the fights within my friendships and navigating my life in new ways.
The show followed me to my first apartment. The nights I lay awake, unable to sleep, it was still there to provide me the comfort I sought. This continued through to my next apartments, buying a house, working the night shift, college, to having a baby that kept me up all night nursing, recovering from surgeries and now just to help ease the stress of daily life. I could always count on it being on at some point when I needed it the most.
I’ve been watching this show my entire life, before it was Hulu, well before Hulu was even a thought. This show is powerful. It touches bases on how to be honest and open with others, how to be confident in your own skin, that it’s important to laugh even at yourself sometimes and how life just isn’t fair sometimes but you can get through it with the support of those around you that care about you the most. Honestly, there is so much more to it than that because they are always bringing something to the table with their amazing souls.
With this part of my blog, I am hoping to pull from the show and help incorporate the lessons they taught into life. How to be confident, how important friendships are, taking care of yourself, relying on others even when it hard and so much more than that this show entails. I hope my love and appreciation for the Golden Girls does them justice. I look forward to journeying with you through the season. And remember the most important part of the show always, thank you for being a friend.


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