Life has a way of not working out the way you planned. Throwing in speed bumps where you thought there was empty space. We are governed by our wants and our fears no matter how much we think we are above that. But we aren’t. We are all scared that our existence is isn’t going to mean something. But we try for too long to get things to be perfect even though nothing ever becomes perfect. This striving for perfection, it is what brings us to disappointment. That feeling that comes over you when you feel like you are letting everyone down. You work hard to make sure that everyone around you is taken care of. You work hard to keep that smile on your face. You work so hard so no one can see the crack in your defenses. No one likes to feel like they are disappointing all the people around them. It is a painful feeling. Especially when you are working so hard to make things better in the life you have created. That something could be an improvement at work, a relationship you want to salvage, a friendship you want to maintain or even building upon something you want to improve on.

 Except disappointment comes. When it comes, it is like a slap to the face. It is everything that you have worked for getting thrown in the trash. That is the most painful part. Getting thrown in the trash. Unfortunately, in life, everything you strive for, it has some form of imperfection. Its when we let ourselves only see those imperfections that lead us to the disappointment. Everything we do in life is about taking chances and risks. Chances and risks to try to improve the life you are living. So, what happens when you end up being scared to take chances anymore. When you allow the fear, the disappointment, the hurt to take over completely. Allowing ourselves to only see the imperfections in our lives instead of accepting them as part of us. You end up in the place that you were striving so hard to avoid. You end up in the place where you are totally alone. Love the ones around you while you can, enjoy the imperfections that life has to offer, take the chances and risks while you can. We only live one life. It may not work out the way we planned but it does have a way of working itself out. Trust in that.

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